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Clean-up of territories – services of janitors and gardeners

Environment outside the premises shall always be clean and tidy. However, often for the client itself the maintenance of territory, including sweeping, snow shovelling, grass cutting, plant watering, etc. is quite a heavy burden being work-consuming and problematic process. It calls for rather big investments both for the purchase of equipment and inventory and for the work force employment.

SIA LiiR offers efficient solution of this problem by provision of daily clean-up of territory in summer and in winter seasons. We offer services of Professional gardeners, as well as janitor services.

The complex of territory maintenance in summer seasons includes watering/sprinkling of territory, removal of sand/sweepings/garbage, cutting of grass/lawns, as well as performance of other necessary works. In order to facilitate to the utmost your preoccupation with territory tidying, we also offer the gardener’s services. 

The complex of territory maintenance in winter time includes snow shovelling and removal, scattering of anti-slipping mixture, removal of sand/sweepings/garbage.

We also will take care of removal of your garbage, maintenance of garbage loading dock and pressing of cardboard.