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General cleaning in offices and homes

Sometimes more scrupulous and thorough cleaning than daily clean-up is needed. Such full clean-up of premises is advisable at least once a year.

General cleaning services are especially appropriate for premises after repair works, when they are full of dust and construction waste. This service is suitable for both the cleaning of big production facilities, Office premises and the private houses/apartments as well.

Various services can be included in general cleaning:

  •   cleaning of various floor coverings – cleaning of floors, polishing/waxing of floors;  
  •   carpet cleaning and dry-cleaning of soft furniture;  
  •   cleaning of windows, glass cases, glass partitions; 
  •   cleaning of window frames, floor skirting boards;  
  •   cleaning of building facade;  
  •   removal of construction waste;  
  •   clean-up of bathrooms, kitchen complex; 
  •   available also – snow shovelling and removal in winter;
  •   grass cutting in summer.


Of course, this list can be supplemented according to your wishes!