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 Velga Kopce, Business Development Manager at SIA LiiR Latvia

Velga Kopce has gained an international as well as local experience in the domain of professional cleaning by occupying leading positions at companies operating in this domain. Velga has provided professional consultations to local companies and private persons as well as a wide audience by means of media.

Is the house cleaning really such a heavy responsibility?


Do you consider cleaning to be a difficult, boring and time-consuming activity that gives no pleasure, and you see it as a big challenge? In most cases this is a stereotype rooting in an early childhood when tidying up our room was an obligatory and regular duty or in some cases – even a punishment for bad behaviour. Even though we now are grown-up and mature personalities, this is the main reason why we still consider cleaning to be a sort of punishment or an unpleasant duty rather than an activity that could give joy and satisfaction.

Considering that the spring is nearly there and the bright rays of sun will highlight the dirty windows and dust, we would like to inspire you for changes so that you could find joy within yourself and get down to cleaning!

Having summarized the most popular opinions regarding this topic, we now can highlight the three most common excuses people have to omit or postpone the current cleaning of the house.


Excuse No 1 – LAZINESS: This is the most difficult fact to admit but it is what it is – laziness is one of the main reasons why it is easier to leave the mess with all its elements (such as dust, spots, pet stains on the carpet etc.) where they are, postponing this duty from day to day, from week to week...
However, in this case you could remind yourself that as longer you wait, as more effort you will need. Then it will not be a simple cleaning anymore – it will be a proper and labour-intesive general cleaning which may take up to several days...

Excuse No 2 – LACK OF TIME: This is not an insignificant reason but if we want to be absolutely honest – is there really no time at all? It is rather annoying to make time for cleaning and deprive yourself of the chance to watch a nice movie or spend time with the family, but why not turn cleaning into a collective work involving not only family members but also friends? Lunch (which also can be prepared together) will be twice as tasty when the work is done in a joyful atmosphere, and it is worth mentioning that such activities usually are filled with healthy humour and laughter.
Smart words – do not postpone to later what you can do today!

Excuse No 3 – WHY CLEAN YOURSELF IF IT IS POSSIBLE TO HIRE PROFESSIONALS: Naturally, you are right here, too. You can, of course, keep on being lazy or spend time on other activities, and when a total mess has taken over, pay professionals who will manage in few hours what would take a number of days for you. But as you understand – this will require a certain amount of money and you have to take into consideration a whole group of people present in your house. You personally will have to spend time to show around the house and explain your vision on cleanliness (everybody has a different understanding of this concept: one sees cleanliness as sterility to the tiniest particle of dust, whereas another will be happy with a simple wipe of the floor and an acceptable result). Moreover, not everyone is willing to entrust their house keys to the cleaning personnel which in turn means that you will have to spend the entire cleaning time at home.
This is why we encourage you to overcome these excuses and get down to cleaning your house as regularly as possible!

Поэтому призываем переоценить эти предубеждения и взяться за уборку дома с завидной регулярностью!

We would like to inform you that the quality management system of SIA LiiR Latvia is certified as compliant to the international standard ISO 9001:2015. This achievement is the result of joint work by the staff of SIA LiiR Latvia. This is a proof that the company has been effectively working to develop, maintain and continuously improve the quality management system.
 Compliance with continuously growing customer requests for the top quality is vital for future development of any company in all industries. By obtaining the certification, SIA LiiR Latvia has shown its aspiration towards a continuous improvement of the management system.  

ISO сертификат

SIA LiiR Latvia – the general sponsor of Tīrības dienas

Your company, institution, interest group, too, has the opportunity to prove yourselves as active, environment-friendly and responsible members of society by helping to tidy up Latvia. In the framework of Tīrības dienas, every person who is interested can organize groups of people to go in the nature and tidy up either the spots of their choice or spots that have been coordinated with organizers throughout the entire Latvia.

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During crisis, companies save also on cleaning services

According to Oskars Kopcis, Chairman of the Board at SIA LiiR Latvia, the economically unstable situation results in an increasing number of companies who choose to replace their cleaning personnel with cleaning companies, justifying this choice with economy and guaranteed quality.

During the past few months, the number of customers of the cleaning company LiiR Latvia has grown as there are businesses who have discontinued employing cleaners due to restricted resources and now, being unable to manage the cleaning duties themselves, turn to cleaning companies as the range of services provided and specialization of cleaning companies makes it financially more advantageous than hiring a special cleaning personnel.

Gundars Ūdris, Member of the Board at Latinwest, says that "When evaluating our options at the respective time, we discontinued using services of our cleaner at the office and salon in due time as those were too high expenses. Instead, we chose to involve a specialized cleaning company and just like in other spheres this choice, too, paid back both financially and regarding the quality. To maintain the cleanliness, the company uses materials of higher technology and cleaning products that make the premises clean and the environment – unpolluted and ecologically clean".

Commenting the present situation, Oskars Kopcis, Chairman of the Board at LiiR Latvia, says that "To make a move towards our existing and potential customers who now are considering to involve a cleaning company, we have prepared a special offer for businesses who are not looking to spend enormous amounts for cleaning of their premises but at the same time are aware of the fact that a clean working environment is one of the prerequisites for motivated employees and development of the company".

In response to the customers' wishes, LiiR Latvia continues working on transition to a more environment-friendly cleaning. There is already a natural cleaning method developed which has been appreciated by the customers. Oskars Kopcis indicates that "One of the first questions asked upon contacting SIA LiiR Latvia is related to the impact of cleaning products to the environment and human health. Our customers appreciate the cleaning quality even more if we can provide not only a clean but also natural and ecologically safe environment". In the recent years there has been an increase in the number of people who are very sensitive towards chemical substances and suffer from various allergies; for this reason, company leaders who are willing to ensure that their employees have good working conditions pay special attention to the choice of cleaning services.

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