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How much would our cleaning services cost ?

The cost of our cleaning services depends on how large are the premises to be cleaned and on wishes of clients. Before preparation of the offer we inspect each object and take into account the specific requirements of clients regarding the cleaning. We can include in the offer also the delivery of hygiene goods (air fresheners, toilet paper, hand towels, etc. replaceable carpet service and performance of special assignments.

Please, find out the approximate costs of cleaning of your Office by using this calculator

A Daily cleaning mode area (m2), price max 5 times a week, excluding VAT, per month:
Fojē, vējtveri m2 = Eur
Corridors m2 = Eur
Office premises m2 = Eur
Meeting, conference rooms m2 = Eur
WC, shower premises m2 = Eur
Office kitchens m2 = Eur
B Special works (m2), a unique service
Washing of linoleum floor, floor waxing m2 = Eur
Washing of tiles, impregnation m2 = Eur
Washing of tiles m2 = Eur
Cleaning of parquet floor, floor waxing m2 = Eur
Waxing and polishing of natural parquet floor m2 = Eur
Cleaning of carpet and soft floor coverings, washing m2 = Eur
Cleaning of various stone floor coverings, waxing and polishing m2 = Eur
Waxing and polishing of various stone and linoleum floor coverings m2 = Eur
Window washing m2 = Eur
General clean-up of premises m2 = Eur
General clean-up of premises after construction m2 = Eur
Cleaning and washing of tile, concrete, linoleum floors m2 = Eur
Manual dish washing m2 = Eur