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One time cleaning in offices, homes and apartments 

Considering different desires of clients our company offers also a one time cleaning.

One time cleaning suits for clients that do not need regular clean-up works, however they wish to get such service as needed. It is more appropriate for less heavy-duty environment or premises that are used rarely.  


This type of cleaning service you would need also in cases when you are moving to other premises or you wish to clean-up premises after events. 

Moving out of premises or moving into new premises usually is a very stressful action, therefore we can ease your cleaning troubles and your removing process will be much easier and pleasant.

Events at your working place or at home often cause a lot of preparation efforts; if you also need to consider how everything put in order and clean again, it could spoil the joy about the very event... Trust us your premises so that we can do everything instead of you!  

This type of service you can use:  

  • after work or home parties/corporative events;

  • when moving out of premises;

  • when moving in premises;

  • after expiry of lease agreement, etc.

If you need a one time cleaning at your home or in your office – please, call! We can arrange the clean-up in any day and at any time most convenient for you. 

We can agree on any needed works for tidying up the environment where you live or work by providing the top quality of works. We promise that you will be satisfied with a qualitative service and probably you will continue to use other services provided by us in future.